Il Salento

Salento is located between two wonderful seas: the Ionian and the Adriatic with more than 250 km of coastline sometimes low and sandy, sometimes high and jagged.

Historic sites
Medieval fortifications and watch towers are distributed throughout the territory.
There are numerous cave churches painted in medieval times, ancient prayer places in natural caves covered with paintings in Byzantine style. An example is the crypt of Santa Cristina in Carpignano Salentino dated 959.
In rural architectures are famous the dry stone walls and ancient farms.
Among the Romanesque churches there are the church of Santa Maria del Casale and Cathedral of Otranto, the Church of Saints Nicolò and Cataldo in Lecce, the church of St. Catherine of Alexandria in Galatina.

Places of natural interest
Salento is a land rich of natural beauty like “Oasis Natural Protected Cesine” (WWF) or the numerous caves with stalactite and stalagmite formations. Of great interest also is the Natural Park of Portoselvaggio overlooking the Ionian Sea. It is an impressive succession of forests, creeks, beaches and cliffs, also overlooking the sea. Spectacular scenery you can see visiting the Bauxite Cave or in the nearby botanical garden of Cutura.
The Salento countryside is cultivated almost everywhere, and the plants more present are olive trees and prickly pears. The territory, the climate, the innate hospitality of the people, cultural traditions and food and wine, the colors, the perfume and the variety of emotions that this land arouses make the Salento a land unique and full of attractiveness.
The coasts are wide and sandy especially on the Ionian Sea, whose waters are characterized by transparency and rare colors; Spectacular are the cliffs overlooking the sea, above the Adriatic Sea. The caves most interesting starting from Santa Maria di Leuca to Punta Palasca (Otranto). The Cave of Zinzulusa is the most significant example of see cave and inside you can see pictographs and various paleontological tracks; important are the artefact finds in Grotta Romanelli that are preserved and exhibited in the museum of Maglie.

Places of archaeological interest
Among prehistoric artifacts are famous the “specchie” (ancient megalithic monuments created by using large blocks of dry stone), dolmens (megalithic tombs), menhirs (megalithic monolithic usually erected in the Stone Age).
On the walls of the sea cave of Poetry  were found inscriptions in the Messapic and Latin language.
The richest are the findings related to the Angevin period, as the remains of the chapel of St. George.

The Festival:
European Film Festival in Lecce (April) – Awards of the “Olive gold” to actors and directors of international cinema.
Baroque Awards in Lecce (June) is a recognition of excellence in celebrities, culture, art, science and sport.
Festival Illuminations in Scorrano (July) - Competition of master craftsmen of the illuminations and fireworks.
Locomotive Jazz Festival in Lecce - International Jazz festival (July)
Salento finibus terrae festival in San Vito dei Normanni (late July) - International film festival of short films.
Market of Taste in Maglie (July-August) is a gastronomic journey through the streets, squares, courtyards and gardens of the city.
Night of Taranta in the towns of Salentine Greece (August) - Festival traveling to the popular music of Salento Pizzica and Taranta until dawn.
“White Night” of Specchia (August)
Salento International Film Festival in Tricase (September) - Film Festival of independent cinema.
“City of Book” in Campi Salentina (last week of November) - Literary Festival.
“Dawn of the Peoples” in Otranto (December) - Review of arts, culture, environment, music and shows.
Pink Night - Event dedicated to the female with cultural events, music and literature.
The Focara Novoli (16-18 January) - Traditional Bonfire of St. Anthony, a monument of 20 meters of agricultural engineering formed by tens of thousands of bundles of vines. In the Days of Fire, also we are seeing many festivals and competitions fireworks and admire the art exhibitions of the great lights. The event was the subject of a National Geographic documentary and services of the Nippon Press.
Tables of Saint Joseph (March 18/19) - Ancient tradition in which, in honor of St. Joseph imbandiscono large tables with dishes.
Sword dancing in Torrepaduli (15 to 16 August) is a dance of the "Night of San Rocco" in which, with the unrelenting pace of tambourines, pairs of men mimic a dancing duel and "challenging" with his arms and hands.
Historical re-enactment of the ancient rites Pasquali Salento (Easter period)

Wind surfing, kite surfing, sailing, canoeing, water skiing, diving and many others are among the water sports more practiced in Salento thanks to the beautiful landscapes and climatic conditions.
For adventurers: horseback riding, trekking, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, paragliding ...
For who does not renounce to the classic sports, the Salento is equipped to accommodate any business want to play; that you practice on the sand volleyball, soccer, tennis, swimming, basketball, or if you like golf, you will find your golf game.

Fairs, festivals and exhibitions:
Festival you will pampasciuni, Galugnano (first Friday of March)
Feast of pork, Carmiano (July)
Festival you lu ranu, Merine (July)
Festival of the four seasons and fish festival, San Foca (July-August)
Festival of municedda, Cannock (August)
Food and wine review "Agritur", Lizzano (August)
Fruit and vegetable festival, Borgagne (August)
Festival will puccia Chena, Mesagne (August)
Festival de pizzarieddi them, San Pietro in Spoleto (August)
Festival de la frisedda, Specchia Gallone (August)
Festival of the olive, Bear Tower (August)
Festival of the Swordfish, Gallipoli (August)
Festival of grapes and wine Cardinal, Guagnano (first weekend in August)
Exhibition of ancient and modern, Copertino (September)
Festival you lu mieru, Carpignano Salentino (first weekend of September)
South Salento Festival in town of Salento (September-October)
Festival you lu porcu, Muro Leccese (October)
Festival de la Volia bullshit, Martano (October)
Novello in Festa, Leven (November)
National review of food and wine tourism "Exposapori" Campi Salentina (December)
Festa de lu Fire, Zollino (December 28)

Points of Interest

In this map you can find the most important point of interest in Salento....

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